The 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Relocating to San Francisco

Relocating to San Francisco may be one of the best decisions you make. With a thriving tech industry, and unparalleled natural beauty, you don’t need to convince us that a move to the Bay Area is worth it. But, the move itself can be extremely difficult. 

Here at Guesthop, we’ve worked with young families relocating from abroad, newcomers to big city living, and everything in between. The overwhelming feedback points to how valuable it is to explore San Francisco’s neighborhoods through short-term renting before making a long-term commitment. 

Here are the four biggest misconceptions we hear from folks relocating to San Francisco. We’ll address why these tactics don’t work and how to use home sharing to make a smarter move. 

1. You need to get an apartment before you actually move 

When Maya on our Operations team decided to move to San Francisco from abroad, she visited several months beforehand to find an apartment. Maya thought a week would be plenty of time to find a place, but it quickly turned into a rushed experience.

She moved from one area to the next, barely able to get a sense of each neighborhood. Her agent laughed when she said she didn’t need a place for another six months. 

Apartments in San Francisco get rented on the spot, with move-in dates typically within a week to a month. Nothing she saw now would be available in six months. So what was the point of that trip?

Save money and time by holding off on the pre-move trip. Frankly, you won’t get much, if anything, out of it.

Instead, take advantage of home sharing when you actually move to the Bay Area. Pick a neighborhood to settle into for your first month. No need for rushed decision-making, and no fear of choosing the wrong neighborhood. If you don’t like where you are after 30 days, you can pick up and try a new location. 

It may seem daunting to move to a totally new city without a long-term housing option. But when you use a hosting management company like Guesthop, we have so many Airbnbs throughout the entire Bay Area that you’ll always have a place to stay. A little patience will go a long way in making your move to San Francisco easier. 

2. You can get all the info you need from the Internet 

For newcomers, it’s tempting to draw conclusions based on Internet research. Remember to round out your findings with your own experiences.

Beyond managing Airbnb properties throughout San Francisco and Oakland, every team member at Guesthop also lives in the Bay Area. There’s a lot of online chatter about SF living, and there’s not much we agree with. 

There are two types of perspectives you’ll find on the Internet: 

  1. Agents, owners, or managers trying to to sell you on their property. Good luck getting an honest opinion out of them. 
  2. Residents who feel very strongly about a particular neighborhood or building. These opinions are clouded by their own background and experience, and may not necessarily be true for you. 

relocating to san francisco research

We propose some light online research. You can get a sense of price, nearby landmarks, and commute times for various SF neighborhoods. Then, rely on friends, or your own experience, for the intangible “feel” of an area.

The Guesthop team can absolutely recommend Airbnbs based on your situation and wants. Although, we still think you know yourself best. The best solution is to try out different places, give each one enough time to sink in, and then decide for yourself. 

3. Full-service buildings are the best option 

It can be tempting to click on the first Google search result and just go for that full-service, luxury rental building. They make payments easy, you can apply online, and they almost always have availability. But a year-long lease is a big commitment. And what’s easy isn’t necessarily what’s best. 

Guesthop’s short-term rental options offer the same convenience of electronic payments, online services, and availability as those rental buildings. In addition, though, our Airbnbs allow for the ability to move around and explore different neighborhoods and property types. You can even hold off on buying furniture and basic necessities since Airbnbs come fully equipped

Though it may seem easy, the smartest option might not actually be paying a lot of money to live in a luxury building, site unseen. 

4. You need to do it all on your own 

Each of these misconceptions feed into the overall notion that relocating to San Francisco is a one-person job. The truth is, the more help you get, the easier the transition will be.

If you’re moving or transferring for work, check with your company to see if they offer corporate relocation services. Many short term rentals on Airbnb offer fully furnished monthly corporate rentals specifically for workers coming to San Francisco.

These corporate monthly rentals provide a great opportunity to lock in your stay at a reputable property. Leverage your company for help to lift some of the weight off your shoulders. Then, once settled, you can start to explore options beyond corporate rentals.

Relocating to San Francisco? Let Guesthop be your guide 

The Bay Area is full of opportunity. Whatever your reason for moving here, we know we can help you settle in. And frankly, taking a few months to live in short-term rentals will get you to your home-sweet-home much quicker than getting stuck in a year-lease in the wrong neighborhood. 

We’ve helped so many people relocate to this beautiful city. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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