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What does the check-in process look like?

We provide an automated or live-check in by request. We will discuss both options and decide what is best for your property.

I love Guesthop! How do I tell everybody I know?

That’s fantastic. We’re on all social media, please share your favorite or check us out on
Yelp! Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Google+

How do I apply for a job at Guesthop?

We’re always interested to hear from people who want to work for us. If you’re interested, please send us an email. We’re also interested in hiring city managers in major markets throughout the US. We’re looking for people who are passionate about the sharing economy. You should be familiar with Airbnb and have used it either as a guest and/or host.

How can I speak with someone at Guesthop?

Typically, we’ll answer emails within one hour. You can also call us at 415-967-1917.

What happens in case of emergency?

We’re available 24/7 to hosts and guests at 415-967-1917.

Am I able to manually update prices on my calendar?

We ask that you do not manually update any prices. We monitor pricing very closely and use a third party to automatically update in real time. However, if you know of a local event that you believe should be accounted for, just let us know and we’ll update on our end.

Am I able to block off certain dates on my calendar?

Yes! Just let us know and we’ll handle the rest. You can also login to your account and do it yourself, but we ask that you give us a heads up either way.

What happens if a guest damages my property?

This is a very rare situation. Guesthop will assist with filing a host guarantee claim with Airbnb.

How do I cancel my Guesthop account?

We ask for a 30-day courtesy notice, but there is no fixed-term commitment.

Does Guesthop manage single room listings?


What does full service mean?

At Guesthop, we believe you’re paying for your time and peace of mind. Once you get hoppin’ you won’t hear from us, but we’ll always be available to you. This means that Guesthop will handle everything related to renting out your space on Airbnb, from setting up the account and responding to inquires, to maintaining the listing and being the emergency contact for the guest, to cleaning the listing, replenishing consumables, inspecting for damages after every stay, and repairing when necessary.

How do I book services?

You can book all of our services on this page. If you’ll be using us for full service management, we’ll schedule a home visit to meet you, evaluate your listing, and get the keys from you. All other services can be setup online.

Who has access to my keys?

Keeping your keys safe is of utmost importance to us.
Key exchanges will only occur 1) in person; or 2) through the utilization of a “smart box,” similar to what is used by real estate professionals, with the unique code communicated only to the guest prior to arrival.

How does a live check-in work?

Guesthop will send one of our certified hoppers to await the arrival of your guest and walk them through the property. The hoppers will also relay any information that you specify to the guests.

What if my guest arrives outside of business hours?

Don’t worry, Guesthop will handle everything.

How much advance notice is needed to book?

None. If you’re in a bind, get in touch with us and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your reservation is taken care of. We’re even available for late night check-ins. However, our service is booked on a first come, first serve basis and we give preference to those hosts who give us advanced notice. We care for each of our listings individually and there will be times when we’re temporarily unavailable to accept new hosts due to high demand.

I have specific instructions for cleaning my listing. Who do I tell?

Tell us! We use an app where any special instructions are communicated to the cleaner via picture.

Who pays the cleaning fee?

The guest pays the cleaning fee. This is standard practice in the short-term rental market.

Do I need to provide linens?

No. But, we’ll happily use yours if you prefer.

Does Guesthop use an intelligent pricing tool to maximize revenue?

Yes! Guesthop uses the market leader, Beyond Pricing, for our daily, automated pricing adjustments. We see an average of 40% increase in revenue for our hosts who don’t use an intelligent pricing tool. We have a strong working relationship with Beyond Pricing and meet with them regularly to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. This service is included with all full service management rentals.

Does Guesthop offer a free trial period or promotional period?

No, but we will do a free home visit. During this home visit, we’ll identify how you could improve your listing and let you know what you can expect to earn.

How often will I get paid for bookings?

Guesthop issues rental statements and payments via electronic payments or mailed checks by the first fifth business day of each month. Your statements and payments will reflect all of the bookings during each calendar month, plus a breakdown of any supply, repair or maintenance costs. We use Bill.com as our payment processor, issuing either electronic payments or checks, depending on your preference.

How much does Guesthop cost?

Refer to our pricing page.

Which cities is Guesthop currently operating in?
  • San Francisco Bay Area including Berkeley and Oakland
  • Marin County including Sausalito and Tiburon
  • San Diego County including Chula Vista and Oceanside.
  • Seattle including Downtown and Belltown.

If you would like Guesthop in your city, please let us know.

Why do you only list on Airbnb?

We’re Airbnb experts! Instead of using our resources to try and learn 30+ platforms, we’ve decided to focus on the best. Hosts on Airbnb see the same, if not better, occupancy rates than hosts that use other platforms. Also, Guesthop truly believes in what Airbnb is doing around our world, which is creating connections that never otherwise would’ve existed. We support their mission and their platform.

Do I make more money with Guesthop?

Yes, on average, our hosts see 40% more revenue due to our intelligent pricing software that looks 12 months into the future. Guesthop continually evaluates all of the various revenue-maximizing tools in order to keep your earnings high. Since we’re familiar with each of our properties, we not only take into consideration demand and location, but also the quality of the actual listing to price appropriately.

Does Guesthop list my rental on multiple platforms?

No, Guesthop only manages properties on Airbnb. Don’t worry! We’re able to match or even exceed occupancy rates of our competitors because of our specialization on Airbnb. We make sure your listing consistently ranks high in the search results and your rates are set to maximize revenue.

What is Guesthop’s relationship with Airbnb?

Guesthop does not have an official relationship with Airbnb, although we’re in communication with them on a regular basis. Guesthop identifies solely with Airbnb because we only use that platform, making us Airbnb experts! We believe in Airbnb’s mission…Belong Anywhere.

How do I get started with Guesthop?

Visit our pricing page to choose your package. You can always contact us by phone (415-967-1917) or email ([email protected]).

What is Guesthop?

Guesthop is a property management service for short-term rentals using the home sharing website, Airbnb. We’re a professional team of fellow hosts and property managers committed to making your hosting experience the best it can be. Guesthop also provides resources to our guests in the form of trip planning guides before their stay and local recommendations during their trip.

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