Now that you’ve got the law on your side, it’s time to get your home renter-ready. Setting up your short term rental is a specific task. You’ll want to think like a guest and be aware of common issues. However, this is also your business now. So make sure to keep track of expenses and evaluate what the return on your investment will be.

We’ll point out the basics for setting up your short term rental. Then, you can put your listing on Airbnb or another home sharing site and start to get bookings. Here are the necessities for getting your house renter-ready.

Furniture & Design

image of bed

If your rental is vacant, you’ll want to add some basic furniture. Go for a queen bed if possible, it’s preferable for both solo guests and couples. You don’t have to splurge on a mattress, but don’t cheap out either. Think about what a guest might review. You’ve probably seen reviews pointing out an uncomfortable mattress — it’s a totally valid concern and will turn guests away. So buy wisely. Add a mattress pad. And we can’t stress this advice enough: Get a mattress protector that protects against bed bugs, water, and is hypoallergenic. Just trust us. Pay a little now, save yourself a ton later.

Guests will expect a dresser and closet space. You can substitute a clothing rack if you’re low on closet space. Think about night tables too. Everyone will want to charge their phone and keep it on their bedside. Add a lamp so they can get into bed before turning out all the lights. Do a run-through yourself. If you were staying in this room (or whole house), what would you need? Where would you expect things to be? If you can anticipate your guests’ needs, you’ll avoid having to answer a million questions later.  

Remember, these people are new to your home. And likely, if they are traveling, they won’t be spending too much time inside. So, keep the furniture simple and unobtrusive.

Necessary Items

picture of kitchen with basic items

At Guesthop, we provide an exhaustive list of essentials for all our hosts during on-boarding. Some of these items we will provide — we take advantage of buying sheets, towels, and toiletries in bulk to reduce the cost for all our properties! But there are other essentials that hosts must provide themselves. We’ve continued to add to this list over the years. Here are some of the necessities you’ll need for setting up your short term rental:

  • Linens, towels, bath mats
  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner
  • Cleaning supplies, basic maintenance items: lightbulbs, screwdriver, hammer
  • Toilet paper, paper towels
  • Coffee (Guests will knock you for not having an easy way to make coffee!)
  • Security items: Keys, lockbox, alarms, fire extinguisher, first aid kit
  • A/C, fan, and/or heater
  • WiFi and TV
  • Basic kitchen supplies (Guests should be able to make toast and coffee for breakfast, but the level of kitchen supplies will vary depending on the listing)
  • Hair dryer, hangers, iron and ironing board

After setting up your short term rental with everything above, you’ll be ready to start hosting guests! Home sharing is such a great opportunity for homeowners and totally within reach. Once you get the basics down, you’ll reap the rewards. Give us a shout if you need help managing your property and guests.

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