Great news – San Francisco and AirBnB have settled on a deal to verify rental properties!

For the past 4 years, Guesthop has tried to run its business managing short term property rentals for people – providing a professional co-hosting service that saves home sharers time, and improves guests’ experience.

It hasn’t been easy with all the regulatory uncertainty. This is a complex issue, with San Francisco not only the hub “home sharing,” but also a center of some of the major socioeconomic issues around wealth disparity and shrinking housing stocks plaguing many attractive urban centers. It’s a complex issue, and little wonder it’s taken so long to reach a resolution.

But a resolution has been reached! We’re proud of Mayor Ed Lee and City Attorney Dennis Herrera for having reached this decision, and grateful for the work of organizations like in coming to this compromise.

What This Means for Guesthop

Guesthop has been working hard all year to get our hosts registered with the city and in full compliance with the law. As of today, we have 95 happy hosters using Guesthop to manage their listing, and only 1 who has not yet registered – a 99% compliance rating. By the end of next week, we will be at 100%.

For Guesthop this means the ability to focus our attentions on what we do best – keeping home sharer’s domiciles safe, clean, welcoming and secure, while saving them time and effort, and providing unique experiences for travelers to San Francisco who are looking for more of an authentic “San Francisco-living” experience.

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