It’s no secret that becoming an Airbnb host is a great way to make extra income. With more and more homeowners putting their properties on the short term rental market, the home sharing economy is likely here to stay. Wondering if you’ve got what it takes to host? 

As a host management company in San Francisco, Oakland, Marin, and the surrounding Bay Area, our hosts come in all shapes and sizes. We strongly believe anyone can host, and our mission as property managers is to help even the most weary. 

However, before diving head on into the hosting game, take a moment to clarify expectations with these seven questions…

1. Do I like having visitors in my home?

If your front door is always open, with friends and family bustling about, then short term renting will be a great fit for you. Those who love dinner parties and impromptu game nights will find themselves right at home with home sharing. 

Then again, you might prefer to keep your house a quiet oasis. If you grumble when guests arrive on your doorstep, or collapse after entertaining for a night, hosting will likely be draining for you. A host management company could provide a good solution for those eager to reap the benefits of home sharing without actually performing all the typical Airbnb host duties.       

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2. Do I like sharing my space?

Do you long for the days of college dorms and roommates? If so, you’ll revel in the camaraderie of new friends as an Airbnb host. Most travelers are eager to meet a local and thank their gracious host. Social butterflies will feel comfortable with new faces coming in and out.   

Whether or not you are actually living with your guests, though, you’ll definitely know someone has been in your home. Expect to share basic household items and common areas. Items may be in a different place than where you last left them. Learn to take this in stride and you’ll be a happier host. 

3. Could I use extra money?

Sort of a trick question…I mean, who would say no? But it’s important to remember your motivation as an Airbnb host. If you really want to utilize home sharing for extra income, you’ll need to run it like a real business. 

There may be certain things that you wouldn’t do for a typical “houseguest” that you’ll need to do for an Airbnb guest. Keep this question in the back of your mind as you embark on home sharing to stay on track. 

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4. Can I cope with wear and tear?

Take a moment to reflect on your tolerance levels with regards to your home. Maybe you barely notice the scuffs on the floor, or consider those stains in the kitchen part of the decor. Your easy going ways will take you far as an Airbnb host. 

For those more meticulous though, coping with higher than average wear and tear might be a deal breaker. With travelers coming in and out of your property relatively often, it’s important to realize that floors, walls, furniture, and appliances will likely need more maintenance than you’re used to.

5. Am I a private person?

You’ll be required to create a profile and disclose some personal information as an Airbnb host. But that’s just one step into the public domain. Realistically, opening your physical doors to tourists also opens your personal life a bit. 

While guests won’t necessarily be snooping around, they will be living in your property for an amount of time. If you’re uncomfortable with people seeing how you live or potentially stumbling across personal mementos, consider blocking off certain areas of your home before a guest’s arrival.  

6. Are my belongings precious?

Whether you’re an avid collector, or simply cherish each of your belongings, hosting will require you to take a step back. The more carefree among us will thrive as Airbnb hosts. That’s not to say anxious types should give up altogether, but it will require more work.  

You’ll want to devote time to catalogue items of value (emotional or monetary). Then place those items in a safe space outside of common areas. Move forward and replace any necessities with items that don’t have as much value. 

7. Do I travel often?

If your answer to this is “yes” than you should definitely be an Airbnb host! Many frequent travelers actually fund their trips with short term renting. 

Especially for those who typically stay in home shares when traveling, becoming a host yourself won’t seem so foreign. You probably already know the lingo and understand the expectations, so hosting should come natural to you. 

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Ready to become an Airbnb host?

If you’ve gotten this far, you should probably try dipping your toes into the home sharing pool. One of the best things about short term renting is that it’s not an all-or-nothing deal. You can try renting your place for a day or week, and see how it goes.

Contact us at Guesthop to get your first booking and see how easy hosting can be! 

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