Work for the premier AirBnB property management company!

Guesthop is changing how hosts manage their AirBnB properties. We provide personal, on-site, white glove management service for their property and its guests, saving hosts time, and earning them the highest occupancy and guest satisfaction ratings.

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Because of the high level of trust and security required in managing a host’s residence, and the premium customer service Guesthop provides, the Hoppers and Managers who work for us can earn significantly more on an hourly basis than those working for TaskRabbit, Instacart, Lyft, or Uber.

Airbnb Listing Manager

The Listing Manager manages an assigned portfolio of Guesthop host client listings to ensure new host/listing onboarding, host satisfaction, listing yield management (occupancy rate and revenue), turnover logistics between guest arrivals and departures, and host retention. This is a 30-hour/week position (1099 contract) to evolve into a full-time role.


  • Onboard, develop and optimize Airbnb listings
  • Develop Properly cleaning visual checklist
  • Develop par levels for all supplies
  • Ensure optimal booking & price points for properties (yield management)
  • Answer prospective guest inquiries, supervising automated responses (Guesty) and manual responses
  • Ensure availability of Hoppers to check in guests
  • Ensure cleaners have executed successful cleaning
  • Ensure listing supplies are above set par Onboard new hosts and listings
  • Work with third party Design Consultant on any property staging requirements
  • Communicate proactively with hosts and handle host inquiries
  • Monthly inspection of assigned listings
  • With Director of Host Operations, set revenue/occupancy targets for listings


  • Strong facility with Airbnb platform, Guesty, and Properly
  • Prior experience as an Airbnb guest, minimally, and, ideally, as a host, preferred
  • Ability to respond quickly to host (customer) needs, as well as to proactively anticipate them
  • Capability to produce reports in both document and spreadsheet formats (using Google Docs and Sheets) that summarize revenues, occupancy rates, yield, and other relevant metrics
  • Strong customer service ethic

  • If interested, please send an email titled “Your Name – Airbnb Listing Manager” with relevant information including references and a short note explaining why you are the perfect fit for us to or call 415-967-1474.

Cleaning Manager

The Cleaning Manager is responsible for the day-to-day cleaning operations of short-term rental properties (listings). The role includes assigning jobs to cleaning personnel and well as hiring, training, and managing cleaners. This position is a part-time position (25-hour/week) with a 1099 contract.


  • Oversee the day-to-day cleaning operations of listings
  • Assign cleaners through app (Properly)
  • Communicate on a regular basis with cleaners, guests, and hosts
  • Create cleaning checklists and update property listings
  • Recruit, hire, train and supervise cleaners
  • Maintain always an updated pool of cleaners available to accept assignments
  • Ongoing training and evaluation of cleaning staff
  • Inspect listings to ensure cleaning standards are met
  • Oversee laundry turnover for all listings


  • Good understanding of best cleaning practices and ability to communicate them to cleaners(Properly)
  • Own a reliable car to run laundry errands and make regular visits to properties
  • Capability to produce reports in both document and spreadsheet formats (using Google Sheets) as well as use our tools: Guesty, Properly and Airbnb (training will be provided)
  • Team player with a positive attitude
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills and exceptional customer service
  • Experience in hospitality industry preferred
  • Ability to speak Spanish or Portuguese preferred but not required
  • If interested, please send an email titled “Your Name – Cleaning Manager” with relevant information including references and a short note explaining why you are the perfect fit for us to or call 415-967-1474.


Do you enjoy welcoming people to San Francisco? Do you have extra time that you’d like to earn some extra spending money? Be a Guesthop Hopper!

We are searching for a reliable person to check-in our Airbnb guests when they arrival to San Francisco. As a Hopper you will meet the guest and walk them into their Airbnb listing. Typical check-in times are between 2-9pm and pay is $25 per check-in. For check-ins past 9pm, pay is doubled or tripled depending on the time.

If you love working with us, there is an opportunity to grow with us and take on more and varied responsibilities.

This job will require you to own a smartphone and a computer. This is an as-needed  position with opportunities to do up to 4-8 check-ins per week.

If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you’ve been waiting for please email with your resume (including LinkedIn) and a short note on why you are the perfect for this position.


We are looking for a cleaning partner who is reliable, responsive, and local. Our cleaning partner needs to have experience in the short-term or hotel industry.

The majority of our cleanings happen between 10am and 4pm, seven days a week.

This role requires cleaning staff to have a smartphone.

If interested, please send an email with relevant information including references and a short note explaining why your company is the perfect partner for us to